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What is Amazon Product Listing?

Amazon product listing is the process of listing the products on Amazon Seller central, a product listing contains product title, product description, bullet points, SKU and a lot more. In other words an amazon product listing is the product page for each product that has to be sold on Amazon. The buyers use product listed pages to make a purchase on Amazon. 

What an Amazon Product Listing Does ?

An Amazon product listing performs several functions, but the two main ones are: 

  • Enables your products to be found in Amazon searches
  • Encourages shoppers to purchase your products

Essential Elements of an Amazon Product Listing

Product title – The product title is the main thing in Amazon Product Listing as when you search any product on Amazon Search Bar, first of all title is fetched in search results. The product title in an Amazon product listing can be up to 500 characters long. In most cases, the more information you provide, the better are the search results. You should include the main keyword for the product as close to the start of the title as possible. You should also include all the main elements such as brand, product name, model number, colour, size, type, etc.

Images – The products listed on Amazon should have atleast 5 images of products. There should be a variety of images too, including images showing the product’s size and the product being used. 

Bullet Points – Bullet points are the main points of attraction for every customer. The best way to use this section is to highlight the product’s main features and benefits. You should cover this major point using as many keywords as possible. Remember, this part of the listing is more important than the full product description because of the position it appears on the page.

Description – Description plays an important role in amazon product listing, It lets you give more information about the product and include your keywords again. When writing your product description, think about your customer. What is the information they would most want to know? This is the information you should include.

Search Terms – Search terms are available to be filled out at products backend, the search terms are made up product keywords and the product appears after the customer searches it on amazon search bar. You should always use the keywords that you have not used in the product title. 

Summarizing the above – 

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