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The use of mobile apps is very common today. Most of the time people use mobile phones to visit websites over the internet to get information and services. The mobile app is a new way of completing many tasks through interactive windows or screens. Mobile screen applications are created by app design and development companies.

Today, people are developing more and more mobile apps because these applications are more functional and are used to do various tasks from our homes. For example, there are many banking applications that we use to do transactions and other important banking tasks. Today people don’t prefer to go to the bank today to send money to anyone. Rather we use the bank’s app to send money. There are many other applications that we can install on our mobile phones such as music apps, health monitor apps, learning apps, E-books, and many other such apps to accomplish a task.

The mobile app is a software application that is designed to run on mobile devices by mobile app designers. There are iOS app designers and Android app designers who have studied and acquired app designing skills to build interactive and functional applications for businesses. Today app designing is a promising profession whose demand is growing day by day. Almost everyone with a business wants to create an application for them. As the demand grows for mobile applications so does the demand for mobile app designers.

Now the question is where and on which platforms can we design apps? Before this, we need to know that applications are designed differently for Android and IOS. The general process is creating wireframes and mockups, then deciding the information flow, and finally designing and developing the application. There are many tools that are used for app designing such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator,  Sketch, Adobe XD, Axure RP, InVision, Avocode, Figma, and more. It depends on the individual which tool he prefers or is comfortable using.

Important points to keep in mind while designing mobile apps:

  • The app must give the best User Experience. This is why UX/UI designing is high in demand today. If there is a problem in designing and workflow, then people will not use that app.
  • The app must render well on all mobile screens and on-screen orientation
  • Must be responsive.
  • Must have clear and visible CTA buttons.
  • Must be easy to operate and interactive.

If you are interested in app designing you can join an app design and development company near your area. You can sign up for an app designing program and join as a trainee in such firms after acquiring skills. This can be a great career option for someone.

If you have a business and looking for some professional who can develop Android or IOS applications for you, contact Vancoders. It is a software development and Mobile app development in Vancouver, Canada. Vancoders can create the best applications for you in no time. Visit or email at [email protected] to know more.

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