Search Engine Optimization

Improving Business Presence With SEO Strategies

Search Engine Optimization


For every business, it is very important to grow and have consistent sales. In order to grow, businesses have to take certain steps that help increase the buyer list and help create a brand. SEO is one of the ways to improve the website ranking and increase the audience.

SEO is one of the most potent ways that is done by all businesses to improve their ranking in google search engines. If you are looking for some professionals that can help you direct traffic to your business, contact VanCoders Website design and Internet Marketing Company.


To Rank Websites In Search Engines

There are mainly two types of SEO. On-page SEO, and Off-page:


On-page SEO is done by high-quality, informative content. Content that solves people's problems.


Off-Page SEO is done by activities, not on your webpage. - Activities such as Social Bookmarking.

Why SEO?

to Improve their ranking in search engines


Targets Quality Traffic

SEO is crucial to get traffic on your website. SEO experts apply SEO techniques to make websites visible.


Gets More Clicks

when the number of visitors increases to the site, more people click on the webpage which results in more sales.

Search Engine Optimization

Pricing that suits your needs.



Keyword Plan Upto 50
Focus Keyword 25
Other Relevant Keywords 25
30 hours a month


Keyword Plan Upto 100

Focus Keyword 50

Other Relevant Keywords 50

60 hours a month



Keyword Plan Upto 200

Focus Keyword 100

Other Relevant Keywords 100

90 hours a month



Keyword Plan Upto 500

Focus Keyword 250

Other Relevant Keywords 250

120 hours a month

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your questions

How much time will it take to improve website ranking?

It is a long process. It will take around six months to a year for pages to rank.

How does SEO improve business sales?

It helps in making businesses appear in search engines. It is the most effective way to reach customers.

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