Brand Identity

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Brand Identity

Creating a brand recognizable

Use of visual components that gives your company a unique identity is called creating a brand identity. Creating graphics that show belonging to one company makes the brand easy to recognize. The use of similar font styles, and color shapes in every graphic, shapes consumers’ perceptions about a company. It helps in making the brand stand out among its competitors and builds trust among customers. A unique identity is created by the use of similar typography, color palette, and shapes everywhere. Whether it is a banner, a logo, a business website, business card, all graphics must have similar elements so that it gives an understanding of a single company.

Benefits of creating a brand identity:


Instantly Recognizable


Builds Customer Loyalty


Audience Associates With The Brand

Brand Identity

Creating Identity Of Businesses

What Branding Includes?

Common elements of brand identity include:



It is the main element of a company. It is the first thing that a person notice is its logo. It is very important for a company because the logo is the component that will represent the company in the long run. There are many top brands that are recognized by its logo.



Another important element for a business is its website. Today everyone checks the website and explores the services and products you provide. If the website is not working properly, no one will trust your business, and may lose a potential client.


Business Cards

A business card is one thing that you hand over to people to increase your business awareness among people. A well-designed business card with all your important details will generate confidence and positive opinion among customers.


Email Design

Every now and then, businesses send emails to their subscribers, where they share about any upcoming event or product or sale offers with them. A good email template will motivate subscribers to make more purchases from you.



To promote business online, social media platforms are the best source. Social media platforms have a wider reach. Businesses share social media posts on digital platforms using banners and text to stay in people’s minds.



It is an official document that is used to make contracts and given to all the clients. The letterhead must be designed in a way that it gives us an idea of the business type. It must be simple and have similar typography, color palette, and shapes

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can create elements for our company branding?
Vancoders being a graphic designing company is known for its designing capabilities and for creating a unique brand identity for businesses. Contact today to get your graphic project started.
How long it will take for project completion?
It depends on the project and how many branding elements you need for promotion.

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