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Blog Website Designing

a blog to share skills & increase clientele

A blogging website is an awesome way to generate awareness about your work, products, and services. It is the best way to promote your skills and increase clientele. A blogging website is an informational website that is used by individuals or businesses to showcase their products and skills.

Articles are published every day with a new update or information.
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Blog Website Designing

Blog & Earn

Creation Process

How to create a blogging website


Pick A Niche

Before actually building a website, one must do thorough research about the segment of a market to target.


Choose A Platform

Next step is to choose the platform for publishing your articles. There are many good platforms where you can start.


Get Domain & Hosting

For every website to go live, one needs a domain and hosting for it from a domain and hosting provider.


Setup CMS

After you have purchased the domain and hosting, set up your website with your preferred CMS such as WordPress.


Publish Blog

Start writing a blog and add a featured image to it. After completing, click publish and enjoy earnings.


Optimize Your Blog

To make your blog appear in the top results of the search engines, the site performance needs to be optimized and tested.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your questions

How many blogs can I publish on daily basis?
It depends on you how many you want to publish. If you don’t want to publish then you can save it in the draft and publish it later.
How many words should a blog post be?
The blog post must not be lower than 300 words and be as long as 2000 words blog post.
What are the things to keep in mind while writing a blog post?
A blog must have content that keeps readers on the page for longer, must have necessary keywords, and links, and must be written according to the latest SEO guidelines.

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